About Us

The Alliance for Energy Policy (AEP) is an  energy policy group located at the University of Texas Austin, LBJ School of Public Affairs that seeks a multidisciplinary approach to meeting our energy needs. AEP acknowledges that energy presents one of the biggest policy challenges facing the United States, and that an all-out effort is required to secure the future.

Throughout the University of Texas campus, AEP hosts and sponsors exciting events to help all students plug into the energy revolution. Be it oil and gas exploration, nuclear energy, renewable energy research, or distributed generation, AEP seeks input from all important stakeholders in the energy field.

30ce6b5Maia Draper (Co-President)

IMG_9278 (2)Tiffany Wu (Co-President)

2321721Amruta Ponkshe (Vice-President)

TBD (Events Coordinator)

TBD (Community Engagement Officer)


If you are interested in contacting AEP or any of the officers, fill out the contact form below.


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